Why BGPlate? For those who are not familiar with photography or film, it stands for 'background plate'. The term 'plate' derives from Photographic plate which was the target medium made of silver salts applied on glass plate in the early years. Though, we have moved onto digital media, the term is still being used today to describe a photograph to be worked on.

Coming from a visual effects background myself (matte painting), I know how hard it is to find hi resolution images to use in my work. Sometimes, I just need a corner of a photo or a specific element to be used as texture for quick and dirty work. I don't need it to be cropped or undistorted, I just need a good source material. That is what BGPlate.com is for. A good source of reference for artists in the media industry. It is not meant to be a stock photography website with nice composition or ideal lighting condition. The images shown here are meant to be cropped, distorted, color corrected, painted on, etc to achieve another work of art.

It is first, my own personal repository which I want to share with a free section. And if you like what you see, a download solution will be offered in the coming days. I will be updating the content weekly whenever time permits. In the meantime, happy browsing and painting!

- Lino Khay -